Grants Database

Region Constituency Charity Details of Funding Amount Year
Mid Scotland & Fife North East Fife AMS Cost of a football coaching programme for senior citizens. £5,887 2016
Highlands & Islands Orkney Orkney Alcohol Counselling & Advisory Service Shortfall in salary and running costs for an alcohol and drugs education programme. £14,881 2016
West Scotland Paisley RAMH - recovery across mental health Staff and overhead costs to deliver a financial literacy project. £15,000 2016
West Scotland Paisley The Wynd Centre Contribution to costs of a youth counselling service. £9,000 2016
Mid Scotland & Fife Perthshire South and Kinross-shire PHysical Costs of specialist athletics coaching staff, equipment, travel and rural venue hire costs. £3,000 2016
West Scotland Renfrewshire South Johnstone Castle Learning Centre Contribution towards staff costs of 3 part time youth workers. £7,578 2016
Glasgow Rutherglen The Haven Contribution to salary costs for project co-ordinator. £13,936 2016
Glasgow Rutherglen Liber8 (Lanarkshire) Ltd Cost of a pilot counselling service to deliver financial advice to those with mental health issues. £24,700 2016
Mid Scotland & Fife Stirling Thornhill Playgroup & Toddlers Costs of learning sessions and playgroup leader SQA course costs. £1,500 2016
Mid Scotland & Fife Stirling Stirling District Citizens Advice Bureau Ltd Salary and running costs of a financial capacity builder programme. £24,999 2016
Mid Scotland & Fife Stirling Stirling Family Support Services Costs of play sessions and days out. £4,400 2016
Mid Scotland & Fife Stirling ACE Cornton Contribution to salary costs and tutor fees for adult learning centre. £5,000 2016
Mid Scotland & Fife Stirling PLUS (Forth Valley) Ltd Contribution to salaries of after school co-ordinator and sessional staff. £8,940 2016
North East Scotland Aberdeen Central North East Sensory Services Running costs for Young Persons Sensory Service. £94,239 2015
North East Scotland Aberdeen Central Cairns Counselling Contribution towards service manager's salary, pension and NI costs. £9,000 2015