Breast Cancer Care Scotland

A diagnosis of cancer can have a devastating impact upon individuals, and hair loss can be one of the most upsetting side effects of treatment. Breast Cancer Care Scotland’s HeadStrong support service offers free practical and emotional support for anyone facing hair loss as a result of treatment for any form of cancer.

The HeadStrong service is provided by volunteers and our grant of £20,000 allowed 20 new volunteers to be trained to enable three new HeadStrong centres to be opened in Scotland. Each volunteer’s objective is to empower cancer patients to regain control over their appearance and help to improve and rebuild their confidence and self-esteem. They help patients to prepare for possible hair loss, tie headscarves and use hats and hairpieces to help reduce its impact.

As part of the Volunteering Grants Programme initiative, the HeadStrong volunteer positions were shared with Lloyds Banking Group employees across Scotland to help ensure the services in Edinburgh, Wishaw, East Kilbride and Airdrie could be delivered.