Grants Programme allocated a further £100,000

The Bank of Scotland Foundation has announced that it is set to continue its innovative Volunteering Grants Programme by allocating a further £100,000 in support of community volunteering projects in Scotland in 2013. 

The ground breaking programme is specifically designed to deliver a much needed boost to community volunteering across the breadth of Scotland. Following the successful launch of the programme last year over 140 Lloyds Banking Group’s employees are now volunteering with the charities that benefitted from funding from the Foundation, including Breast Cancer Care, Children 1st and Edinburgh Cyrenian Trust. 

Over £2m to over 200 charities:

The Volunteering Grants Programme enhances, and is in addition to, the Foundation’s existing grants programme which has distributed over £2m to over 200 charities since its launch in November 2010

Kate Guthrie, Chair of the Foundation's Board of Trustees and HR Director, Capability & Engagement, Lloyds Banking Group commented, “We have been delighted with the early results from our Volunteering Grants Programme*, which places the Foundation in an even stronger position to make a positive impact upon its communities. The unique collaboration of funding, together with Lloyds Banking Group employee volunteers, places us in an exceptional position that ensures we continue to provide significant benefits for charities that go well beyond funding alone.” 

Working closely with the Lloyds Banking Group Volunteering Programme, the initiative will ensure the Foundation provides Scottish charities with not just funding, but also the manpower to really make a difference to their local communities by engaging Lloyds Banking Group employee volunteers.  

The new Volunteering Grants Programme will be open for two months from 10 June 2013 and will see charities receive up to £20,000 each to enable them to deliver a volunteering project.

For more information, please contact Heather Scott on 07770 643840 or

About Bank of Scotland Foundation

The Bank of Scotland Foundation is an independent charity supporting people and their local communities across Scotland. The Foundation receives £1m annually from Lloyds Banking Group to fund Grants Programmes and a Matched Giving Programme (rising to £2m from 2014).

Volunteering Grants Programme

The Bank of Scotland Foundation Volunteering Grants Programme will fund charities with up to £20,000 to deliver projects through volunteering.  In addition, Lloyds Banking Group will aim to engage employee volunteers to support the projects that are funded.

Grants will be provided to charities that aim to engage additional volunteers in:

  • new projects


  • existing projects to help them grow and reach their potential.

All grant requests must be made using the standard Volunteering Grants Application Form.

Applications are accepted from charities registered in Scotland. Closing date for applications is 2 August 2013. 

The details of charities that are successful in obtaining a grant through the Volunteering Grants Programme will be shared with Lloyds Banking Group and the Group will aim to engage employee volunteers to support the projects that are being funded.

*Results from inaugural programme:

The Foundation allocated almost £100,000 to support community volunteering projects through the Volunteering Grants Programme in 2012 and the successful charities are listed below;

Breast Cancer Care Scotland - £20,000
Central Scotland Forest Trust - £12.530
Children 1st - £20,000
Edinburgh Cyrenian Trust - £10,575
Stroke Association - £16,390
Urban Roots Initiative - £14,928

Over 140 Lloyds Banking Group employee volunteers across Scotland are now supporting the projects that are being funded.

About Lloyds Banking Group’s Community Investment Programme

Lloyds Banking Group is the biggest financial investor in UK Communities, investing £85m during 2012; it has committed to invest a similar amount this year. As one of the UK’s biggest employers, it knows its employee volunteering initiatives can make a real difference. Thousands of employees are active participants in local community organisations, in and out of company time. The Group’s Day to Make a Difference programme enables all Lloyds Banking Group employees to spend one day a year, during working hours, volunteering for a charity or local community project.