Waverley Care

Waverley Care is Scotland’s leading charity providing care and support to people living with HIV and Hepatitis C, and to their partners, families and carers. As part of their work they also strive to raise awareness of these conditions and their prevention. Our grant of £20,000 was used towards the salary of an Advocacy & Information Worker who gave 488 one-to-one support sessions to almost 80 individuals. As well as broad-based advice on financial matters, the Worker also provided support in the areas of testing and treatments for HIV and Hepatitis C. The advice resulted in a variety of positive outcomes for individuals such as improved mental health, reduced social isolation and increased self-esteem.

In addition to our Small Grant, Waverley Care benefited from funding from our Matched Giving Programme. Lloyds Banking Group colleagues claimed £8,695 from the Foundation as a result of their fundraising and volunteering efforts which included holding dress-down days and bucket-shaking during the Edinburgh Fringe and volunteering with various projects such as decorating and gardening at Waverley Care’s residential unit and installing a pond in their allotment. Matched Giving funding is unrestricted meaning charities can use it where it is needed most. Waverley Care used their Matched Giving to help fund their one-to-one and group support in Edinburgh.