Additional Support

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations‘ Funding Scotland search engine gives access to up to date, high-quality information on funding opportunities for voluntary organisations. It’s free to any organisation in Scotland and lets you search over 1,200 funding opportunities including trust funding, lottery, statutory funds and more.

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations

Bank of Scotland Academy

Our partnership with Lloyds Banking Group provides further opportunity for us to offer charities support beyond funding alone, such as through our collaboration with the Bank of Scotland Academy.

 The Academy aims to help Scottish charities, businesses and people with their confidence and capability by offering a huge variety of lessons and webinars in digital, life and work skills. 

The Academy is open to everyone, easy to follow, and completely free, offering a range of topics which could benefit individuals as well as charities, such as: 

• Creating engaging social media content 

• Developing the right skills for your future 

• Saving money on services and utilities 

You can access the academy at

BOS Academy Students

Lloyds Banking Group Foundations

Bank of Scotland Foundation is one of four Foundations funded by Lloyds Banking Group that help people overcome social issues such as addiction, domestic abuse and homelessness, and to rebuild their lives.

If you are a charity that operates outside of Scotland, you can find out more about each Foundation using the links below.

Lloyds Banking Group Foundation