Social exclusion, disadvantage and deprivation remain huge priorities to address in Scotland. Levels of poverty were increasing long before the shocks of the last four years. The impact of the cost of living crisis on quality of life is profound, with a particularly devastating impact on vulnerable people.

Vulnerable people are more susceptible to experiencing harm, discrimination, or disadvantage and the focus of our grants programmes is supporting charities who help vulnerable groups.  Vulnerable groups include for example people with poor English language skills, people experiencing homelessness or unemployment, people with poor mental health or people experiencing poverty.  To be eligible to apply for a grant your charity must support vulnerable groups, if you are unsure if your charity supports vulnerable groups, please contact us.

All of our grants programmes are multi-year, offering stability and security during these challenging times.

Two of our programmes, Empower and Energise, provide unrestricted funding.  Unrestricted funding gives charities greater flexibility and agility, enabling them to use their funding in the way that helps them best whether that be towards core costs (including salaries), delivery costs, project costs or general running costs.

Decision Making Process

Every application we receive is unique however our approach during the assessment period is consistent  - whether you are applying for £1.5k or £150k. 

Our overarching aim is to fund, support and champion charities that are making a difference with vulnerable people and improving their quality of life.

Initial Checks

All applications are checked to ensure that they meet our eligibility criteria and all supporting documentation has been uploaded.  Details can be found here


If an application meets our initial checks, it will be assessed by one of our Grant Managers who will consider:

  • The purpose of your charity (why you do what you do) and the vulnerabilities of the people you support
  • Your activities and the difference your charity makes to the lives of the people you support 
  • Why you need funding and (if applicable) what unrestricted funding will help you to do?  
  • Your financial position – your current sources of income, your funding gap/need for funding, your unrestricted reserves

Our Grant Managers assess each application on a stand-alone basis.

Further Information

We may contact applicants to gather further information if needed.


When the Grant Managers have made their recommendations, they have a detailed review and challenge session with the Chief Executive.


All decisions are presented to the Board of Trustees who have final approval. 


All applicants are informed of their decision and advised of next steps.  Where an application is declined, we can offer feedback calls to explain the reasons why.

Programme Opens Closes Charities advised of outcome by
Energise End of August 2024
Enable August 2024 TBC End of November 2024
  • To be eligible to apply, charities must: -

    • have an income of between £150k - £500k
    • have a minimum of three years accounts lodged at OSCR

    Charities can apply for a 3 year unrestricted grant of £150k (£50k per annum).

  • To be eligible to apply, charities must: -

    • have an income of £150k or less 
    • have a minimum of one year accounts lodged at OSCR 

    Charities can apply for a 2 year unrestricted grant of £20k (£10k per annum).

  • To be eligible to apply, charities must: -

    • have an income of £500k or less 
    • have a minimum of two years accounts lodged at OSCR 

    Charities can apply for a 3 year grant of between £30k - £90k (£10k - £30k per annum) for restricted funding for volunteering projects/costs/initiatives.

    Opportunity to engage colleagues from Lloyds Banking Group in volunteering.