Musselburgh Windsor Football Club

International Volunteers Week is a fitting occasion to mark the incredible efforts of individuals who dedicate their time and skills to support and uplift communities. This year, we speak with a Lloyds Banking Group colleague who volunteers with Musselburgh Windsor Community Football Club, one of the oldest and largest youth football clubs in Scotland.

Allan Russell from Insurance, Pensions & Investments Division has claimed funding through our Matched Giving programme for the club since 2018. Our Matched Giving programme encourages Lloyds Banking Group colleagues to get involved in the voluntary sector by fundraising or volunteering to support the work of charities throughout Scotland.

A champion on and off the field

Here’s what Allan had to say,

I first got involved with the Club about eight or nine years ago when I was asked by a friend to come along and help run my oldest son’s football team. From there it progressed from coaching my youngest, to coaching my oldest as well and then I got involved in helping run the Club as Club Secretary. I’ve now been the Club’s Chairman since August 2020. 

Musselburgh Windsor is home to over 850 boys and girls and has over 200 volunteers. We run youth teams from the ages of 4 to 18 and also have additional community groups such as autistic / neurodiverse teams and Walking Football for Over 50’s. We’re also a Gold Standard club with the Scottish Youth Football Association and run as a non-profit charity regulated by OSCR. We’ve become a very sizeable organisation over the years!

We have many volunteers within Lloyds Banking Group who are involved in various roles at the Club such as coaches, secretaries, treasurers and fundraisers. I personally volunteer around 15 hours a week – it’s probably a lot more than that but I’m too scared to admit it!

From a personal point of view, what I love most about volunteering is being involved at a team level with my kids - that is most important, that is what I first got involved for. I enjoy working and coaching both their teams and over the years watching them develop and grow as they both love football and playing with their friends. 

In the bigger picture as Club Chairman, being able to run a football club of this size is challenging but the benefits heavily outweigh the time required and being in a position to provide Youth Football to over 850 kids, as you can probably guess, is extremely rewarding!

The Power of Matched Giving: A Win-Win for Charities

For Musselburgh Windsor Football Club, this programme has been a game-changer, providing an additional income source and helping the club to thrive.

Thanks to Group colleagues taking the time to submit their Matched Giving claims, Musselburgh Windsor Community Football Club has received an impressive £22,120 through volunteering claims alone so far over the last 12 years.

These funds have been pivotal in supporting various club activities, from acquiring new equipment to organising events and maintaining facilities. Such financial support not only enhances the club’s offerings but also fosters a nurturing environment where young athletes can develop their skills and confidence.

John Hood, Club Operations Manager said, “A club of our size, with over 800 players, needs a huge amount of volunteers to keep it going in an organised way. Between training and matches most of our volunteers are giving up at least ten hours per week and much more in a lot of cases.  The financial support that Bank of Scotland Foundation gives to charities supported by Lloyds Banking Group colleagues who volunteer is invaluable and is greatly appreciated by everyone." 

Scott Robertson, Children’s Wellbeing & Protection Officer at Musselburgh Windsor Community Football Club added, "Without the volunteers there would be no Musselburgh Windsor FC. There would be no kids enjoying our national game. No kids running about with smiles on their faces. The work of the volunteer is priceless.”


Lloyds Banking Group Colleagues Making a Difference

How to get involved

Matched Giving

For charities and volunteers alike, initiatives like our Matched Giving programme offer vital support. By participating, colleagues can amplify their impact and make a significant contribution to their communities. 

If you are a charity and you have Lloyds Banking Group colleagues fundraising and/or volunteering with you, they may be eligible to claim Matched Giving.   

Every permanent Lloyds Banking Group colleague in Scotland can claim up to £1,000 in each calendar year from the Matched Giving programme for an eligible charity for which they have either raised money for or given time to. 

We will match every pound they raise or donate £10 per hour of voluntary time given, to a maximum of £500 for fundraising events and/or £500 for voluntary time given, provided that the claim falls within the rules of the scheme and the charity is eligible for funding.

If you are a Lloyds Banking Group colleague, you can apply online via Group Interchange. Please check the guidelines before applying.


Musselburgh Windsor Football Club

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