Funding Programmes

The Bank of Scotland Foundation supports people and their local communities across Scotland.

The Foundation aims to do this by assisting charities in their work with funding through our SmallMedium and Large Grants Programmes. The concerns that charities address may be unique to their own area, or they may be shared with other organisations in other regions.  They may even be of national importance.  It is our intention to make a genuine, tangible difference to individuals and their communities. 

Charities who meet the criteria of the Foundation are eligible to apply to the Small and Medium  grants programmes once every 12 months. For our Large Grants programme successful applicants must leave at least two years after receipt of their funding before applying again. If unsuccessful, charities must leave at least one year between applications.

Acknowledging the important value that Lloyds Banking Group colleagues provide to local communities through the giving of their time and skills, the Foundation's Matched Giving Programme encourages Lloyds Banking Group colleagues to become active within the community by providing matched giving for their charitable fundraising efforts and time given to charities.