Bank of Scotland Academy

Our partnership with Lloyds Banking Group provides further opportunity for us to offer charities support beyond funding alone, such as through our collaboration with the Bank of Scotland Academy.

 The Academy aims to help Scottish charities, businesses and people with their confidence and capability by offering a huge variety of lessons and webinars in digital, life and work skills. 

The Academy is open to everyone, easy to follow, and completely free, offering a range of topics which could benefit individuals as well as charities, such as: 

• Creating engaging social media content 

• Developing the right skills for your future 

• Saving money on services and utilities 

You can access the academy at

BOS Academy Students
Enhance Charity Mentoring

Our Enhance Charity Mentoring Programme provides a fantastic opportunity for Foundation funded charities to be paired with a Scotland-based mentor from our sole funder, Lloyds Banking Group. These mentors offer individualised business support tailored to the specific needs of each charity.

Charities can benefit greatly from the skills and experience of a business professional, who can serve as a valuable sounding board for ideas. Our goal is to match charities with a mentor who is local to their area as this ensures a better understanding of the challenges faced by charities in that specific region. 

However, we also offer remote mentoring options, where charities can be matched with a mentor from elsewhere in Scotland. Meetings can take place via phone, TEAMS, FaceTime, or any other convenient method.

Our colleague mentors from Lloyds Banking Group provide regular, ongoing support, meeting with their mentees once a month for around 1-1.5 hours per session. The duration of the mentoring relationship can be short-term or long-term, depending on the specific needs of each charity.

We take great pride in creating meaningful matches that have long-term potential. We carefully pair mentors based on their skills and expertise, ensuring they align with the specific needs of each charity.

Mentoring can mean different things to different people, but at its core, it represents someone who listens and offers support, guidance, advice, and motivation - all the elements necessary for building success.