Further funding for Scottish mental health projects due to high demand

Further funding for Scottish mental health projects due to high demand

Due to the overwhelming demand for Bank of Scotland Foundation’s 2018 Mental Health Fund last year, the Foundation is offering Scotland’s mental health projects a further opportunity to apply for funding. Launching today, Monday 28 January, funding will be made available to mental health charities and other charities that deliver projects focussing on mental health.

Such was the need for financial support of mental health projects, 28 Scottish charities shared £356,473 in 2018, with grants awarded of between £2,990 and £25,000. Many contributed towards the salary cost of counsellors and various forms of creative therapies, enabling charities to expand their services and offer more support to those in need.

Once again, charities can apply for grants of between £1,000 and £25,000 which will be awarded for one year only. Applications must be made via the Bank of Scotland Foundation website before 12 noon on Monday 25 February 2019.

To ensure Bank of Scotland Foundation can help reach those in real need of support, funding will be available to both mental health charities and other charities delivering mental health projects across Scotland. This may include: -

  • Initiatives designed to encourage people suffering from mental health illness to become more involved in their local community.

  • Support for life skills development for those with mental health problems.

  • Promotion and delivery of financial awareness and money advice service for people with mental health illnesses and their families.

  • Traditional support such as counselling sessions and therapy.

Philip Grant, Chair of Bank of Scotland Foundation’s Board of Trustees and Chair of the Scottish Executive Committee, Lloyds Banking Group said, “Addressing mental health is an important way for the Foundation to support charities at a local level as we recognise that improved mental health can also help people to break out of disadvantage by perhaps entering education, finding accommodation, managing addictions or increasing basic skills.

“The demand for our 2018 Mental Health Fund was overwhelming therefore we are delighted to give charities a further opportunity to apply for funding.”